Freebie: Order Tracker

June 21, 2016

As almost all of us have hoarding problems, here’s a simple freebie I made for us having problems tracking our orders! I currently use the pocket version in my #PadmeTheSaffianoFilo and it really helped me in taking note of the orders I make.

Let me know if you like it and give me ideas what you would want for the next freebie, yes? 😉

Download links here:
A5 Size
A4 Size

Disclaimer: This freebie printable is for personal use only. Please do not sell it as I do not have the apt licenses for the objects in the printable.

TPJ Shop Feature: Planning Rainbow PH

June 1, 2016
TPJ Shop Feature is a monthly blog series wherein I showcase random shops where you can buy stuff for your planner needs!

Hi girls (and guys, if any lol)!!! I’m back with another installment to my TPJ Shop Feature series. For the month of June (sorry I totally skipped April and May because I was just too busy with work), I’m featuring the shop of a dear planner sister of mine, Planning Rainbow PH!
Planning Rainbow PH is a shop which sells inserts for ring-bound planners (Pocket, Personal, and A5). The best thing about her inserts is that it’s in 115 gsm paper that is not only thick but is also very smooth! Take note, it’s also fountain pen friendly.
She gave me these inserts for review and I totally loved them all. Sam knows I have a pocket planner and a personal planner, and that I use my pocket for financial related entries so she sent me these! 
Expenses Pocket Insert

An Expenses insert where I can jot down all the money I’ve spent. It’s an ongoing log and is really helpful for on the go logs so that I won’t forget it.

Income and Savings Pocket Insert
Next is an Income and Savings insert that I’ve already used last month (but won’t post here for privacy reasons). This helps me track my Income per month or per cut-off, depends entirely and my Savings in various accounts.

Budget Pocket Insert
I also love the Budget Insert layout and how convenient it is for me to track my budget vs. actual expenses. I used to do this in an excel sheet but I really love writing things down on paper more than encoding them.

Bill Payment Pocket Insert
This is one of my favorite pocket inserts. I tend to forget bill due dates so this insert really helped me a lot to keep track of the bills I need to pay.
Order Tracker Pocket Insert
Although I have my own order tracker, I still loved this order tracker pocket insert from Planning Rainbow PH because of its minimalist design. I would recommend this to most of the planner girls out there who seem to order nonstop from various shops so they can keep track of it! 

To Do Pocket Insert
I love listing the things I need to do so I can have a clearer view of how I’m supposed to go about with my day, week, or month. I use this insert for my on-the-go reminders that I need to accomplish, do, and/or revisit at the end of the day.
I also love these inserts from her for my personal planner. Two types of Week on Two Pages (Wo2P) , one vertical and the other, horizontal. Although I got really used to horizontal Wo2P, I certainly loved the experience of using the vertical ones (scroll down ’til the end of this post to see what I’ve done with it :> ).

Wo2P Vertical
Wo2P Horizontal
Closer view of Wo2P Horizontal

Planning Rainbow PH also offers a Day on One Page spread which is really suitable for people who prefer to have a huge space for each day. Haven’t tried a layout like this before but I will be putting this to good use this month! The box can accommodate the small size of the LM Hyperdex stamp, in case you have any!

Day on a Page

I won’t be uploading the finance-related inserts because I’ve already filled them out with confidential stuff that I don’t really want the whole world to know LOL. I was able to use both the Wo2P already and tadaaa! Love, love, love how this came out!

Planning Rainbow PH undated inserts price/set are as follows:

  • Pocket – P120
  • Personal – P220
  • A5 – P300
One set is equivalent to 30 weeks worth of inserts for Wo2P and 15 weeks worth of inserts for Wo4P. For this month, Planning Rainbow PH is open for modifications on the existing layouts of spread that she has. And guess what, she’s also planning to venture on creating inserts for Mambi planners! Hooray to Mambi users who will get to experience her high-quality inserts!
I’m pretty sure once I use up all my Webster’s Pages inserts included in the binder I purchased, I will be purchasing from Planning Rainbow for my planners next year!

Planning Rainbow PH

Want to be featured next? Feel free to send me an e-mail: and let’s talk about it! 🙂

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Planning Rainbow PH. All thoughts and opinion are mine.

TPJ Craftie Pick for May: Liona Chinky

May 18, 2016

TPJ Craftie Pick is an avenue for The Paper Junkie to feature fellow planner/journal girls and let readers get to know them better through answering a couple of questions!

Welcome to TPJ Craftie Pick! I originally planned to start off with this series two months ago but I got really busy with work so it got delayed month after month, and now here I am! Finally kicking this series off! I’m trying to catch up on all my blogging backlogs so bear with me please.

For my first ever TPJ Craftie Pick, I’m featuring Liona Chinky. If you’re an active planner girl from the Philippines, you prolly know her already. Liona is one of my top #plannerspirations that’s why I wanted to take this opportunity to let you get to know her. I’m pretty sure she’s an inspiration to most of the planner girls, novice or experts alike. I actually followed her Instagram account on the last quarter of 2015, before I even started with creative planning.

So, let’s get to know Liona more!

  1. Hi Liona! Tell us a few things about yourself.
    • Hi everyone! Let’s kick it off with my name… my real name is Liona Jeane, pretty far from my nickname: Chinky right? I teach Preschool but graduated with a degree in Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Special Education. I’m the youngest, non-married (pressure!) of 5 all-girl siblings. I am privileged to have a walk-in craft room and closet in one.. so I get easily distracted while dressing up. Haha!
  2. What made you decide to pursue creative planning?
    • It’s not really a career path I chose. I started using planners when I was in high school. I used to make planners out of old K-zone magazines and sticky notes because I was too shy to ask my parents for one. My sister finally decided to get me a planner of my choice for about 3 years before I started buying on my own. I was a doodler-slash-amateur scrapbooker before I got introduced to all these planning materials. Creative Planning was just something that I got interested in last 2014 when I won a Filofax planner, washi tapes and clear stamps through a giveaway and I found out I really enjoyed doing it. The hoarding started shorty after. Oops! Eventually Creative Planning because a daily routine.
  1. What are the benefits of it to you so far?
    • I’m an extremely forgetful person. I’m like the type who remembers to do something for tomorrow while crossing the street then forgets to put it in the planner..and forgets it entirely until I cross another street then the cycle continues. I need my planner to remember everything I needed to do, simple as that. Creative Planning comes in because it was like an outlet for me to release frustrations, de-stress and rid off tension and anxiety. Creative Planning makes me love seeing my planner every day thus remember the things I needed to accomplish. It encourages me to work in a better mood and what better way but to start each day with a smile.
    1. Who are your #plannerspirations?
      • I have a handful but my top inspirations are Tiffany Ross @villabeautifful_creates , Lucyana Norman @organisedlucy , Christy Tomlinson @theplannersociety , Rachel Lim @scrappinlove <3 
    1. How many planners/journals do you currently have? (If more than one, please specify what each planner/journal is for and explain how you manage to keep up with it.)
      • I am currently using a personal binder (err.. i change every week depending on my theme but I chose between Kikki K Why Not, Kikki K Gold, Kikki K Mint Perforated, Filofax Aqua Malden, Filofax Aqua Lockwood, Filofax Original in Dark Aqua and Planners&Journals Turquoise binder) as my main planner which includes my monthly, weekly, daily and lists. I also use the Back to Basics Planner from CNSDesigns as my desk-at-home planner, a Planners and Journals FunDori as my social and work on-the-go binder planner (it’s separate because my tutorial notes, which are private, are there), a Happy Planner (that totally needs updating) as a memory planner and currently preparing my Webster’s Pages Color Crush A5 Light Teal to be my desk-at-work planner.
    2. How would you define your style in designing your weekly spreads/planner/journal?
      • A hybrid of different planning styles but with consistent focus on decorating with functionality. I love making my planner pages pretty, but I also love being organized and able to track and see what is actually going on in my life. That’s where the different types of planners and sections in my planner/s come in. 
    1. Top 3: What are your top 3 planner essentials?
      • A smooth writing pen, glue tape, clear stamps and ink…oops that’s four. sorry! hahaha pero can I add washi and ephemeras to my essentials list too? Haha!
    2. Top 3: What are the top 3 items in your wishlist?
      • An A1 self healing rubber mat in white, an aquamarine Raskog from Ikea (my Raskog fairy already got me one but because it’s so awesome, I want another one!) and lifetime subscription to The Planner Society’s kits. Haha!
    1. For you, what is planner peace? 
      • Planner peace is when you find a planning system that works for you. I never believed that one can have binder peace.. because binders are just like bags or shoes that you love and enjoy changing in and out of to suite your style and mood. When you have planner peace, you are decided what type of planner you want to use, whether it be a binder type, a TN, an inkWELL Press planner, an Erin Condren or a MAMBI Happy Planner. 
    2. If there’s one planner stuff you can’t live without, what would it be?
      • My clear stamps. I am an avid planner stamper and my pages feel wrong and empty when I don’t stamp on them. 
    That’s it for my first TPJ Craftie Pick. I hope you had fun getting to know Chinky more, well I’m sure I did! Hope you tune in next month for another leg of this series.
    Be social with Liona! Facebook / Instagram / Periscope: @lionachinky / Twitter / Blog
    Disclaimer: Planner photos are not mine. They were submitted to me by Liona for posting purposes. I edited the banner image. 

    TPJ Shop Feature: KeenaPrints

    March 26, 2016

    TPJ Shop Feature is a monthly blog series wherein I showcase random shops where you can buy stuff for your planner needs!
    For this month’s Shop Feature, we have Keena Prints! I’ve been following KeenaPrints for quite some time now but was only able to order from them this month. I actually regret not ordering a LOOOT because when I received my KeenaPrints mail and when I opened it, I can’t help but gush how cute the stickers are!
    KeenaPrints is an online sticker shop based in the Philippines owned by Keena Vitor. Her stickers are perfect for Erin Condren, Kikki K, Filofax Planners and Midori Traveler’s notebooks. Not to mention, these are all hand-drawn!
    I ordered nine stickers from her based on what I wanted and really needed.

    Sparkling Teal Mermaid and Sparkling Pink Mermaid

    I got these two mermaids because they were just too cute! I was able to use the Teal mermaid recently in my spread for this week. I intent to use these all up!

    Happy Day Keenachi and Keenachi OMG Emoticon

    I also got the Happy Day Keenachi for days that really just made me happy and the OMG emoticon for days when something really surprising occurs. 

    Me and You Keenachi and Hexagon bubble Gum shades for to-do lists!

    Next is the Me and You Keenachi and the hexas for to-do lists. I use the latter both for design and for to-do lists.

    Planning or Studying Keenachi and Idea Keenachi

    I’m about to use my Planning Keenachi because I regularly do this every week. The Idea Keenachi is for when a thought or a great idea just pops out of my head and I want to take note of it.

    Freebies from Keena Prints and Busy Keenachi
    I got these cute freebies upon ordering and the Busy Keenachi is for days when I just feel too swamped with everything.
    All in all, I love my first batch of purchase from KeenaPrints. I can’t wait to order more from them. I’m even planning to buy the sticker book! It’s no wonder why even planner girls from other parts of the world love ordering stickers from her. I ordered through her site’s Contact form while taking note of the stickers I wanted to order from her Etsy Shop. But now, I believe, you can already order directly from her website. 

    Want to be featured next? Feel free to send me an e-mail: and let’s talk about it! 🙂

    Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about their shop.

    TPJ Reviews: Planners n Journals’ February Kit

    March 25, 2016
    Planners and Journals was a shop I’ve been watching out for since the last part of last year. I was so amused about the idea of their planner kits and saw how amazing it all looked like in their photos. Back then I didn’t have any ringed planners so I wasn’t able to get at least one kit for myself.
    When I got the chance to order this year, I grabbed it. So I got their February Kit and like a little girl, I really got all giddy when the package from them arrived. And boy was I really excited that the kit’s theme was CUPCAKES! I love love love cupcakes!
    Let’s take a look at what was included in the kit, shall we?
    Cupcake Eraser
    Up until now, I actually haven’t opened this. I don’t really use pencils nowadays but I’m going to save this up for when I need it. 

    Bejeweled Pen
    I’m starting to love bejeweled pens lately. This cute pen is a fine addition to my growing collection. I already have a blue and gold one which I bought from a Korean store in Farmer’s, Cubao. For the week that I used the PnJ February Kit for my spread, I actually used this pen.
    It’s my first time to have a decotape. I’ve been hoarding some washi tapes, stickers, and stamps, but don’t regularly see a decotape so I got really stoked when I saw this in the kit. I immediately tested it when I got it and I loved the cute design!

    The inserts were really pretty! It came with notes and undated WO2P inserts but when I tried them on Phasma, they were quite big. So I haven’t had the chance to really use them yet. I already used a bit from the notes section to practice my brush lettering recently.

    Cupcake Ephemeras

    I loved the little cupcake ephemeras. I was able to use them on my spread and on the dividers I made for Padme.  All the cupcakes were designed in a different way and they were all so cute!
    Cupcake Cookies
    The cookies actually tasted good! I was actually contemplating whether or not I should eat because both of them looked so cute but I still gave in. LOL.

    Clear Stamp

    If I’m not mistaken, the clear stamp included for the kit is a Heidi Swapp Always clear stamp. I was really happy I got to add this in my clear stamps collection. I also used them for my spread and still use them every now and then for DIY projects I make for myself.

    The cardstocks included in the kit were what I used to design the dividers of my Padme (I’ll be writing a post later on about that). It was amazing to use them to make dividers for a pocket planner because I was able to really utilize it!

    World of Fraffee Stickers
    These World Of Fraffee stickers were a perfect match for the kit! I certainly loved the hexas and all the cupcake thing going on. Although the page flag stickers were a bit big for my inserts, I was still able to use ’em! I also love the border stickers that were included since I was able to use them as a substitute for washi tapes!

    So how was I able to use all of these to design my weekly spread? Well, voila!

    Interested in subscribing for Planners and Journals’ Kits? Here’s the Price List:

    Trial (1 month)
    Personal, Pocket, o Passport Size – P650
    A5 or Standard Size – P700

    3 Month Subscription
    Personal, Pocket, o Passport Size – P1850
    A5 or Standard Size – P2000
    6 Months Subscription
    Personal, Pocket, o Passport Size – P3600
    A5 or Standard Size – P3900

    Price list above does not include the shipping fee yet. It is advisable though that for people to subscribe for 3 or 6 months to ensure that they will receive a kit as they only make a certain amount of kits per month.
    Planners and Journals
    Facebook / Instagram

    Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about this kit.