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TPJ Reviews: Paponei’s Gifts February Kit

February 21, 2016
Hello planner junkies! This is my second Paponei’s Gifts planner kit and I’m really excited to share it with you!
First things first, I have to say this out loud: I hated pink before. Now don’t judge me if it’s your favorite color, but it just didn’t work out for me. Upon joining all the planner groups and browsing Pinterest, a few blogs, and Youtube for planner DIYs, tutorials, how tos, and others, I have learned to not hate it but appreciate it instead. BUt it still didn’t really encourage me to buy pink stuff for my planner. But guess what? Paponei’s Gifts February Kit really proved to me that it is indeed pleasing to the eyes (no, I still don’t love it lol, green’s still my fave color).
Now that I’ve written that out in the open, let me show you what was included in the February Kit with the theme Posh Love! Upon opening the box that came in, this was what said hello to me! A box full of love. <3
Curious to know what were included?
I had to take them all out and I was so excited to see them because I felt that my P640 was really, as they say here in the Philippines, sulit! (I’m sorry but that Filofax Saffiano in Gold is not included in the kit. LOL.)

Breaking them all down so that you can see where I use and how I used these Posh Love stuff!
1 Pen Pouch
On the day I took the photo above, I used it as a storage for my colored pens. But recently, I’ve been using it as an on the go storage for my ink pads and acrylic blocks. I love that it’s a bit soft but enough to keep them all safe in my bag.
1 Planner Tassel
My Padme is looking so sleek with this planner tassel! I love that it complements the color of my Filofax Saffiano. It adds a chiq look although I’m not really a girly-girl.
2 Washi Tapes + a freebie!
I love the handwritten black one as much as I love the pink one, too! I’m really loving washi tapes more and more and I’m thankful this kit added three more to my growing collection.
2 Bow Clips and 3 Hearts Wooden Clips
I used the bow clips in the pockets of my planner while the wooden clips in my Instax film thread in my room. I’ve been meaning to buy more wooden clips but since I’ve been paying attention to building and growing my planner stuff collection, I keep on forgetting!
1 Mug Polka Memo
I brought this in the office for note taking purposes on the projects and tasks I work on. It’s nice to write on something not boring because it uplifts your mood and makes you more motivated to work.
1 Happy Day Hearts Pen and 1 Pink Crown Pen in Black
I love adding more pens to my collection so these two pens are really appreciated. I actually used ’em both for the week where I used most of the things from this month’s kit. 
1 Checklist Memo
I also brought this in the office for days usually when we have a lot of meetings and to help me keep track of the things I need to do for the day. I also gave a few pages to my office seatmate as I know that his schedule is pretty hectic (yeah, he doesn’t mind the pink in the memo pad!).
Hearts Point Marker
I was able to use this point marker only once for the weekly spread but I deem it’ll be abused in the months (and probably years) to come. I actually hoard this stuff, too!
1 Dashboard and 2 Note Cards
I used this dashboard for the week of February 6 – February 14. I chose to keep it simple though and didn’t add any other embellishments. As for the note cards, I’m keeping them safe for future use!
4 Masking Sticker Sheets
1 Envelope and 1 Notes Memo Pad

I used one of the masking sticker sheets in my weekly spread and kept the rest of it including the envelope for designing DIYs or others in the next few weeks. My Notes memo pad are most definitely abused in the office!

1 Tab Stickers and 1 Ephemera Stickers
I haven’t touched my tab stickers yet but I’m planning to use them in fully setting up my Padme but I haven’t really figured out how though. My Ephemera stickers suffered a totally opposite fate though. I basically abused it and only a few remained in the sheet!
Here’s how I set-up my week using the kit:
As usual, I’m stoked for the March Kit! Here are a few sneak peeks grabbed from their Instagram Page!

Got to get my hands on these succulents!!! Comment down if you also ordered the Paponei’s February Kit. I would love to see how you used it!

1 month – P640
3 months – P1800
6 months – P3550 + 1 free
12 months – P7000 + 2 free
Paponei’s Gifts
Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about this kit.

TPJ Reviews: Paponei’s Gifts January Kit #NauticalKit

January 27, 2016
It was my first time to register to a planner kit and I can’t be happier because of what Paponei’s Gifts offered for this month!
I got this January Nautical Kit from them and I got really giddy when I opened it. I loved that it had a lot of useful things not only for my planner, but for other general things as well. I saw the sneak peek photos and the actual teaser of the kit but it just couldn’t compare to having them all in front of me.
So what’s inside the January Kit?

This cute stickers! I honestly wanted more but it was more than enough to design one weekly spread. I still have a few of the stickers and I’m going to use them again in another month probably.

1 sticker set
I used the dashboard from them already and I loved that it matches the color of my planner. I slid in the bookmarks and the tassel to beautify my planner furtherly. The kit also came with this cute magnet I have yet to use somewhere in my room!
1 handmade tassel 1 dashboard card
I’m saving up this greeting card for a special occasion in the near future. I don’t want to let it go to waste so I’m keeping it.
1 Greeting Card
I used the other one in the middle of my planner, the other one I gave out to one of the winners of my giveaway in my main blog and she also liked it a lot! Aside from being a paper junkie, I remember owning a LOOOT of bookmarks back in grade school and high school even if I didn’t really use them all to serve a bookmark’s purpose.
7 pieces bookmarks
I already have my own planners and so I was wondering what I could do with this mini planner. I don’t want to let it go to waste so it became my “first draft planner”. Whatever was supposed to happen in the next days, I jot it down here first before transferring it to my Phasma (Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner – Personal). Makes my personal planner cleaner.
1 mini planner
I practically used all of them when I got them. I inserted a few already to the pages that I’m constantly writing on my planner. At least I won’t be having a hard time flipping through my customized inserts just to reach the page they are on.
1 bottle of paper clips (around 15 pieces)
I used one of the wooden charms as a bling inside my planner. I inserted a paper clip into the hole and placed it in the middle, just to mark my current week. The eraser, however, I still don’t want to use! Haha.
1 anchor eraser and 4 wooden charms
Since I’m already using my Padme (Filofax Saffianno Gold – Pocket) as my wallet with all my cards there, I’m going to use this as an album for my Instax photos. I love the design of this so there’s no way I’m giving it away! 
1 card holder
The anchor plus I have sits beside my other Star Wars plushies at home. It actually looks like the Rebel Alliance logo and I love that it does.
1 anchor plush
The kit came in with one mini notebook while the other one was a freebie from Paponei’s Gifts (so generous of them). I’m using the blue one as a brain dump of my ideas for my main blog. Once I consume all the pages of it, then I’ll be using the next one for the same purpose.
1 mini notebook
Last but not the least, this cute red pen! I already used it last weekend to jot down things I still needed for my Padme and Phasma. The Filofax pocket inserts are not incuded in the kit, btw! 

1 pen
So how did I use these lovely stuff from the planner kit? Voila. My last week of January spread before the pen!
I got this kit for P590 for January. The price of a monthly kit is now at P640 (BUT MADE EVEN BETTER!!!), P1800 for 3 months, P3550 for 6 months +1 free, P7000 for 12 months + 2 free! Transactions with them are fast and they always reply immediately so no problem about having your questions answered.
So if you’re interested to get the February Kit (well I know I am), you can head on over to their Instagram account and viber them to order! Here’s the teaser of the February kit:
Photo grabbed from Paponei’s Facebook Page
That’s it! I’ll be posting next month about the above kit!!!

Paponei’s Gifts

Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about their kit.