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TPJ Reviews: Notedori Deluxe in Olive Green

December 19, 2017

If you have been reading my blog since last year, I’m pretty sure you remember that time when I posted about Noted Journal PH’s Notedori in my blog. Well, guess what? Noted Journal PH has a premium type of Notedori now which they call Notedori Deluxe. Made with the same type of love and effort, the Notedori Deluxe is best for Traveler’s Notebook users who prefer to have more inserts in their TNs.

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TPJ Reviews: CN Paper Crafts and Macata Traveler’s Notebook

July 27, 2016

I love discovering new things, shops, and options in the planning and journaling community. There are so many planners, traveler’s notebooks, and journals all over the internet being sold locally and internationally. Sometimes, it’s disappointing when I stumble upon a product I really, really like and realize that it would need more money for it to get here than the actual price for it. So when I discover more local shops that cater to my passion for planning and journaling, I really get all giddy inside.

I’ve heard of this particular shop a couple of times already but never had the chance to buy any of their products (although I have always admired them from afar). The people from CN Paper Crafts were kind enough to give me my own Macata and I must say that I was really overwhelmed when I received it.

About CN Paper Crafts

Around June last year, Nissan, and her boyfriend, Christian, decided to set up an online shop on Instagram. They first started selling items for planners such as washi tapes, etc. because she got obsessed with the stuff she saw from other planner girls on IG. When Nissan learned about Traveler’s Notebook (TN), she told Christian about it and they decided to focus on making TNs. Nissan has always loved journal writing and collected lots of pretty notebooks and pens since elementary days. Christian handles logistics while she gets to create beautiful things. Nissan even says, “Suffice it to say, I’m lucky to have someone who supports me.”
So why is it named CN Paper Crafts, you might ask? C and N are their initials! They initially called the shop Paper Town but IG kept on deactivating the account and they think it had to do with the movie Paper Towns showing around that time. So they decided to change the shop’s name and go with CN Paper Crafts instead. 
CN Paper Crafts has only been around a year but they already have a huge following and avid supporters from the local planning and journaling community. They offer TN Covers, Inserts, Accessories, and also TN packages.

Macata Cover

Macata (what they call their traveler’s notebooks) is actually a play on their last names. Nissan loves the fact that it sounds like the Filipino word “Makata“, which means a person that writes poems. The word perfectly encapsulates CN Paper Crafts’ vision to make beautiful writing repositories to inspire you to write beautifully.
I got a Tan Macata in personal size from them and I have to say this, I love the texture of their cover and the felt feel underneath it. It doesn’t easily get wrinkled even though you accidentally fold the tips of the cover. I don’t have much experience with TNs yet but I know there are some people like me who prefer their TNs with scratches and wrinkles but without intentionally doing it to the TN. I don’t know, it just gives a vibe that the TN is really being used!


They gave me three inserts:
  • 70 gsm white blank which they call their “budget” insert;
  • 100 gsm white blank insert with smooth and thick paper, perfect for calligraphy;
  • and 100 gsm cream blank insert, textured and cream-colored for more character.
I actually tried writing on it already but I still haven’t fully set it up as to how I like it to be. Currently, I make it as an on-the-go brain dump for all my writing and brainstorming needs. I’ve already tried out each page and the 100 gsm cream blank insert is my favorite so far!


My Macata has four elastics which it means it can hold four inserts. Although I believe one can add more elastic to the Macata, I prefer mine just right, not too chunky, or else I’ll find it too bulky for my liking. The elastics are thick, and therefore, I think they will last a long time (I’ll get back to you once I have my Macata all “used up”).


I love the charms that came in with my Macata: a tan mini TN charm, a tassel, and an owl charm. I think I can add small blanck pages to my mini Macata and just scribble or doodle on it. I realized, the owl symbolizes my nocturnal self and the way I plan and journal, because I usually do it at night, when my mind is really functioning at its peak. The tassel adds more sass to the Macata and makes it appear more girly than too formal.



They also sent me a “From the Desk of” notepad, which I use in the office for notes. If you’ve seen my office desk, I have notes taped on the wall for reminders. I’ve already been using the notepad for quick note taking whenever I’m searching something in the internet both for personal and for work.


So, I named her Leia the Macata! Leia has four inserts, three of which were the ones sent over by CN Paper Crafts and the other one is a Dori-Diva inspired wallet insert from Chrisella09 or Filofax Domino that I ordered. This is actually the main reason why I opted for a personal-sized Macata as I had plans of making it into a wallet + on the go brain dump, notes, and to do lists that may pop out when I don’t have my BuJo or my planner. Currently, I have already consumed a few pages for my mind maps for this blog and ideas on how I can be able to improve the reach and content of The Paper Junkie!
I’m still thinking of how I can set it up more creatively so that I can utilize it fully! I’m planning to create a vlog about that (which may be my first attempt at vlogging, I’m still contemplating about it!).

Price List

Macata Traveler’s Notebook covers range from P200 – P450 depending on the size. You can choose among a wide variety of colors: Red, Beige, Metallic Black, Pink, White, Bone, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, or you can get a Tan one like mine! 
For Inserts (all ranges depend on the kind and size):
  • Blank inserts range from P50 – P180 per piece
  • Printed black and white inserts range from P80 – P260 per piece
  • Printed colored inserts range from P100 – P280 per piece
  • Specialty papers range from P250 – P400 per set of 3

They also offer packages if you want to start using a TN right away! Package prices depend on the combination you like for each inclusion (size, type, color). Set 1 includes all other colors except for Pink and Metallic Black, while Set 2 includes Pink and Metallic Black only.
  • Package A Set 1 includes one (1) Macata cover, two (2) printed B&W inserts, one (1) blank insert, metal charm, and two elastics and the price usually ranges from P400 – P930.
  • Package A Set 2 includes one (1) Macata cover, two (2) printed B&W inserts, one (1) blank insert, metal charm and two elastics is priced from or in between P490 to P1070.
  • Package B Set 1 includes one (1) Macata cover, three (3) blank inserts, metal charm and two elastics with price range of P350 – P790.
  • Package B Set 2 includes one (1) Macata cover, three (3) blank inserts, metal charm and two elastics and price ranges from P440 -P920.

For Accesories:
  • Mini TN Charm – P50 – P70 depending on the color
  • Kraft Folder – P30 – P40 depending on the size 
  • Charms – P25 each 
  • Extra Elastic – P10

For more details, you can check out the Shop corner on their recently launched website! But wait, there’s more! If you order a Macata from CN Paper Crafts, you can use tpjxcn on your cart once you’re all done ordering. The coupon gives 10% discount on the total order excluding shipping fee. Coupon is valid from website launch on July 27 until July 31, 2016.

CN Paper Crafts

Disclaimer: CN Paper Crafts sent me a Macata for review. This post reflects my personal opinion and thoughts about the product.

TPJ Reviews: Noted Journal PH’s Notedori

February 16, 2016
As a planner novice, I can’t help but explore other possibilities on how I can be more productive and plan better. Currently, I have four planners (which I’ll be posting about in length soon) and as of now, I think those four are able to prove their purposes well. But because of the active planner and journal community here in the Philippines especially in the groups I belong to on Facebook, I stumbled upon Noted Journal PH and they were so kind to give me my first ever Traveler’s Notebook from them, my Notedori!
I still haven’t thought of any name that I can give it (yes, I’m wired and weird that way) but I instantly fell in love with it the first time I got hold of it! And because I love letting people know how the items I order or get sent to are and I’d love to babble about my Notedori, here’s my review!
I already blogged about Noted Journal PH on my main blog so for on overview, head on over to that post!
As I said earlier, this is my first ever TN so I don’t really know how or what it’s supposed to be or feel (I have this weird habit of “feeling” paper products, forgive me) but I love the texture of the leather the Notedori has and the felt underneath it. I got a brown Notedori and it’s perfect for me!
Pen Holder
I love the adjustable pen holder and I can even clip it on the top, side, or bottom of my Notedori. I bet I can even fit two pens here! Works well for a pen lover like me that can’t really settle for just one pen to use in writing.
It has one elastic with this cute little camera trinket and it just made my Notedori more loveable. I like how it’s a cute reminder to take more photos even in the most mundane moments.
Mini Notedori
I literally squealed like a little girl when I saw this mini Notedori hanging from this chain. And when I opened it, it has pages I can actually write and doodle on! 

Currently, my Notedori has two dotted notebook inserts. I’m planning to add a grid and plain one soon so that I can fully use up the space. A Notedori can hold 4 inserts which I think is just about enough to accommodate your writing needs. Well, if it can’t at that, you can always get another one or more!

Overall Verdict
All in all, I’d have to say that I LOVE IT. The Notedori is so handy that I can practically bring it anywhere and anytime I want. To be honest, I haven’t given thought of trying to keep a journal again until now. As I already have my planners, I’m planning to make my Notedori a productivity tracker, journal, and brain dump. Even though I keep two blogs and blurt out things on social media once in a while, there are thoughts and things I’d love to keep private and I prefer writing on paper ever since anyway.
I’m also planning on building my TN collection from them and get one or two passport sized Notedoris for my two blogs. Simply put, that’s how awesome I find their products!

Noted Journal PH
Facebook / Instagram / Website

Disclaimer: Noted Journal PH sent me a Notedori for review. This post reflects my personal opinion and views about the product.