TPJ Reviews: Notedori Deluxe in Olive Green

December 19, 2017

If you have been reading my blog since last year, I’m pretty sure you remember that time when I posted about Noted Journal PH’s Notedori in my blog. Well, guess what? Noted Journal PH has a premium type of Notedori now which they call Notedori Deluxe. Made with the same type of love and effort, the Notedori Deluxe is best for Traveler’s Notebook users who prefer to have more inserts in their TNs.

The Notedori Deluxe comes in different sizes: Midori Passport, Field Notes, A6, Personal, Standard, A5, Custom Size, and Micro/Nano, all of which have a 1″ spine but can be customized depending on one’s personal preference.


The cover is Olive Green and is made of premium vegan leather and is available in several other colors but of course my favorite would be this one! I love that the cover is very smooth and the stitching is precise, imagine how much work and effort is put into each Notedori Deluxe? I got the Passport Size Notedori Deluxe and it’s perfect! It has two secretarial pockets inside, a full one on the front flap and a half one on the back flap.



The spine’s width is 1″ which allows it to hold up to 8 inserts. As seen below, there are currently six elastics in place and can hold at least one insert per elastic. I still need to test it out to contain 8 inserts but I only have five pocket inserts on hand.


Pen Loop

Unlike my previous Notedori, this time, the pen loop is attached and very spacious. I love that it is because that means it can accommodate big pens (like my beloved TWSBI 580AL). Below, I tested it out with a Cath Kidston pen I got as a gift last year.


Overall Verdict

I have to say, aside from the color, I prefer the Notedori Deluxe over the regular Notedori because:
  1. Well, this one is specifically in my favorite color (I’m a bit biased about that so sorry lol).
  2. It can hold more inserts than the regular ones.
  3. I like the idea of being able to put more into one small TN!

Isn’t she lovely, overall? I plan to use this as a brain/notes dump or a prayer journal perhaps? I’m not really sure but I’ll update you guys as I plan to blog and vlog about my 2018 planners and journals line-up.

Also, I did an unboxing and review video of this lovely TN:



The Notedori Deluxe price ranges from P450 – P1000 ($8.92 – $19.82), depending on the size of what you want to order.
And oh, by the way, aside from the Notedori and the Notedori Deluxe TN covers, Noted Journal PH also offers monthly subscription boxes and planner essentials now! Wow, what a nice one-stop shop. Click on the links below to be redirected:
Noted Journal PH

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Disclaimer: Noted Journal PH sent me a Notedori Deluxe for review. This post reflects my personal opinion and views about the product.

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