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January 10, 2017


It’s the second week of January and I hope you all had a nice “welcome, 2017” that went on last week. I’m pretty sure by now, most of us have figured out what planners and journals we will be using for 2017. Well if you’re undecided yet, then maybe The 2017 Life List Planner by Clara Paperie might be for you!

Story of The Life List Planner

The 2017 Life List Planner was made by a fellow Filipina creative, Yohanne Zapata. She manages four brands and because she tried hard to find the perfect planner but just couldn’t seem to find one that will serve all her needs as a busy entrepreneur, she created her own instead! Thus, the Life List Planner was born. You can read the full story here.

According to the Life List Planner website: 

The Life List Planner is created to help individuals to stop being busy and start being productive. Get the most out of your time by the productivity and goal-achievement system introduced in the Life List Planner. Designed to help you achieve maximum productivity by applying the power of listing and prioritization to make time for your self, your family, and the things that matter to you most.

Keepsake Box

The Life List Planner comes with a Keepsake Box perfect for storing all important papers when unused. It also has the year 2017 on the side which makes it perfect for archiving once your planner has been filled out. 

Keepsake Box
Keepsake Box and The Life List Planner

When I opened the box, I was really excited. It had this wrapping paper that protected the planner inside the box containing a very encouraging sticker with the words “Cheers to a Happy, Successful, and Productive 2017!” Two cards came along with it: a Thank You card and a card encouraging the user to give feedback for suggestions and improvements.

Beautifully Packaged, IMHO!


Motivational sticker

The Life List Planner

I got the 2017 Life List Planner in Black Dijon and I don’t have any regrets! It looks so chic and sassy in person that these photos cannot justify how it actually looks like. Overall dimensions of the planner are 7″ wide x 8.5″ tall and page dimensions are 5.875″ wide x 8.375″ tall, with 100 gsm white paper. It weighs 2 lbs outside of the box and has a durable wire-o binding. I have to say that I love the sturdy hard cover and protective gold corners. The garter lock was a pretty assurance that I had nothing to worry about just in case the planner gets chunky from all the things that I had to do or write. 

Gold protective covers

Once you open it, you can see the inside front-cover pocket that you can use to store important papers, photos for memory keeping, and stickers if you would like. The first page is the title page of the planner which I think you can personally convert into a vision board or just doodle on it to personalize it.

Inside Front Pocket


Here’s a little something you don’t usually see in non-ring planners: section tabs! I really love the idea of being able to locate pages easily and these tabs will be helpful. So unlike the usual monthly tabs, these divide the Life List Planner into its different main sections.


Section Tabs

Once you turn the page over, there’s  a letter from the creator of The Life List Planner, Yohanne. In all honesty, I felt the sincerity in Yohanne’s letter!


Letter from the creator of Life List Planner

If you’re all new to the idea and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, then this part of the planner will be of great help to you. It gives you tips on how to really maximize your Life List planner for a productive 2017.


Maximize Your Life List Planner

We now come to dwell into the seven main sections of the Life List Planner. So, what makes this planner different from all the ones that you’ve previously seen?



Calendar Tab

The Calendar section includes a 2017 calendar, 12-month spacious overview, and 2018 calendar. For someone who has a lot going on, I really appreciate wide-spaced monthly overviews for the reason that I really have to write on it. Each monthly overview features a quote on the upper right side of the spread and a space to write important highlights or priorities under the This Month space.


2017 Calendar
Monthly Overview



Goals Tab

The Goals section includes Goal-Achievement Worksheets that really excited me. Subsections include Dream and Achieve, which encourages you to list down all of your goals in life, helping you separate them into the years when you want to achieve them, and create monthly smaller goals or action items for each goal.


Goal-Achievement Worksheet


Goal-Achievement Worksheet


Goal-Achievement Worksheet


Goal-Achievement Worksheet

Life List


Life List Tab

Now we come to the core of this planner, the Life List section! It includes a monthly page for a specific quote and Monthly Assessment at the end of each month for you to reflect on what the highlights are if you were able to achieve the goals you have set. 


Monthly Quote


Monthly Assessment

The weekly spread includes a To-do list section, and Daily Prioritization list. This is perfect for listers like me! On the bottom part of the left side, we can see the Goals Section and on the right bottom part, a space for Gratitude.


Life List



Tracker Tab

The Tracker section is a series of pages  that includes two columns, Date/Item and Details about the item. Feel free to track anything that is of importance in these pages. (Please don’t mind the crumpled part of the tab, it’s my fault because I was too excited to flip through the pages!!!)





Notes Tab


The Notes section provides you with lined pages to write down important notes wherever you are. It’s perfectly up to you on how you want to utilize it!



Fill Me In


Fill Me In Tab


The Fill Me In section consists of a bunch of blank pages you can use for whatever you like – doodles, more notes, mind maps, ideas, etc. You can make these pages your own!



Year-End Reflection


Year-End Tab


The Year-End section consists of a series of questions for you to answer and reflect on once the year ends. It gives you the chance to look back on what has transpired throughout the year and what your highlights and challenges are and other things you learned and realized throughout the year.




Last but definitely not the least, my favorite part is the last page! This is really perfect for ending and wrapping up the year! I am treating this as one of my favorite quotes now. I love the overall package of this planner because it’s something I haven’t really seen before all packed into a one time, big time package.

The Life List Planner costs P1,699 ($34.28 as of writing). Aside from the Classic Dijon, the Life List Planner also comes in three other different colors: Elegant Navajo, Sexy Fuchsia, and Pretty in Pink. These are available on their online shop through their Website, Scribe Writing Essentials, Fully Booked, Craft Department, Common Room, and Pepper Hill. 

I also made a review video on my channel just in case you want to check it out!!!



Clara Paperie’s The Lifelist Planner


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Clara Paperie sent me a 2017 Lifelist Planner for review. All thoughts and opinion are completely mine.
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