TPJ Craftie Pick for November: Empress Rome Dela Cruz

November 30, 2016

TPJ Craftie Pick is an avenue for The Paper Junkie to feature fellow planner/journal girls and let readers get to know them better through answering a couple of questions!

This month’s Craftie Pick is one of the first few planner girls I’ve followed during my noob times in the planning community. I have also brought a kit from her last February and I even wrote about it here: TPJ Reviews: Planner Lookbook Kit. I’m pretty sure a lot of people know her already. She’s @empressrome across all her social media handle and no, that’s not just a pseudo-name. It’s her real name!

Get to know Rome more in this month’s edition of TPJ Craftie Pick!

  1. Hi Rome! Tell us a few things about yourself.
    • Hey there! I’m Rome a cray-cray mom to Brielle and a weirdo wife to Pao. I go by the handle @empressrome all across my social media accounts. I’m a moon child who’s very into flowers, hearts and everything pretty (to my eyes – LOL). I love crafting, doing DIYs, and upcycle old stuff since elementary (though I didn’t know that I was already crafting, all I know was I enjoy making them). ♥
  2. What made you decide to pursue creative planning?
    • I decided to get into creative planning simply to infuse my love of crafting with planning.
  1. What are the benefits of it to you so far?
    • It definitely helped me get my schedule organized and see how are things going: in terms of the mom and wife duties, home, small business, and everything in between but on top of that, it gives me a time off to destress, relax and hone the itsy bitsy creativity in me.
    1. Who are your #plannerspirations?
      • I have several planner girls that I stalk on Instagram and you tube and my top faves are:
        • Belinda Selene – I have always been her fan! Watching her videos made me purchase a Mambi Happy Planner which (of course) I didn’t regret on buying.
        • Jessica of MrsMomNextDoor and Kiara @PaperPrincess; I love their planner set ups!
        • LoveCynthia- a Filipina based in Paris. I have always been her fan prior the creation of the happy girls and I miss her commissioned works posts. I love how she creatively take photos in her Instagram feed.
        • And last but never the least, fellow Filipina planner girl, Belle Fenix @the_craftroom_project her spreads, crafts and planner set- ups are all so inspiring; It’s like a ‘one-stop hub’ if you want to get yourself inspired with your planner.
    1. How many planners/journals do you currently have? (If more than one, please specify what each planner/journal is for and explain how you manage to keep up with it.)
      • I have very few planners that I try my best to switch to every month; but what I normally use regularly are:
        • one Personal/Medium-sized planner for my over-all planning; expense tracker, chores, and the like
        • undated Mambi Happy Planner- Overview of my day’s to- do’s aaaand lastly,
        • hardbound NBS notebook that I have for years now which me and hubby fondly call ‘the book of ideas’ Bwahahahaha! 
      • But here’s a few of the planners I own:
        • Kate Spade Pink Bonnet
        • Kate Spade Mikas in Cliff Grey
        • Kate Spade Wellesley in Ballet Slip (still in transit–lol lol lol)
        • Kate Spade Wellesley in Black
        • Kate Spade Wellesley in Cabaret Pink
        • Kikki k Medium Mint Perforated Planner
        • Kikki k Limited Edition Medium Gold Planner
        • Webster pages Color Crush in Blush – current planner in use
        • DIY Mambi Happy Planner –  current day one page planner
        • Undated Mambi Happy Planner
        • NBS hardbound notebook a.k.a book of ideas (lol)
    2. How would you define your style in designing your weekly spreads/planner/journal?
      • Decorating my planner spreads/planner set-up is dependent on two things: my mood and available items on my stash thus my style is “anything goes”. I use decorative stickers on a minimal when there’s a handful to write and decorate my heart out when there’s not much to write on. Also, I am still in search of my “signature” designing style like when you see the spread, you’d know it’s Rome’s but uh-uh! Don’t have that just yet or maybe will never have. LOL.
    1. Top 3: What are your top 3 planner essentials?
      • I can’t start planning without stickers, washi tapes, and frixion pen/s. Once, I tried to jot on my MAMBI the things I need to accomplish in the next hours but would you believe that I just couldn’t write anything without a piece of sticker or washi tape on it. So, it took me another 30 minutes to one hour just to write the to-do’s. (I’m sure, only planner girls would understand.)
    2. Top 3: What are the top 3 items in your wishlist?
      • Kate Spade Stripe 
      • Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook in Blush. I don’t have any TN hence I would like one. 
      • More, more time to craft!

    1. For you, what is planner peace? 
      • Planner peace is a long term process that is somewhat hard to obtain for most planner girls especially that our needs constantly change; but for me planner peace is not just finding the right planner per se but the right system that you may find yourself more productive. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a notebook with bullet format or TN with hyperdex or ring binder with decorations. As long as you feel happy and you see yourself more productive then you probably have found your planner peace.

    2. If there’s one planner stuff you can’t live without, what would it be?
      • I could’t live my planner life without stickers. Stickers then (in highschool), stickers now.  Stickers forever. ♥
    I hope you had fun reading Rome’s answers!
    Disclaimer: Planner photos are not mine. They were submitted to me by Rome for posting purposes. I edited the banner image. 

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