TPJ Shop Feature: Bits to Pieces

November 11, 2016

TPJ Shop Feature is a monthly blog series wherein I showcase random shops where you can buy stuff for your planner needs!

For the month of November, our featured shop is a Filipina-owned and made brand that has also sparked the attention of planner girls from all around the globe. Her very detailed and intricate works and sneak peeks always have me gushing and squealing inside because of awe. I’m pretty sure most of the planner girls in the Philippine planning community feel the same way too! The spotlight is on Bits to Pieces!

Bits to Pieces, owned by Kay Fanlo, simply coined from her shop’s slogan, “From Bits of clay to memorable Pieces“, started back in 2011. Although I’m quite sure that a lot of us already know it, I want to dwell more on Kay’s story.

Kay relays, “I have been in love with arts and crafts since I was a child. I grew up surrounded with relatives who are very crafty. My mom is a dressmaker and my dad being a DIY expert sparked my interest and love for arts and crafts. I was brought up without any new toys to play with so as a child I played with what was available at hand (my dad’s tools and my mom’s materials – buttons, beads, retaso/excess cloth). This taught me how to be creative and resourceful. I remembered feeling so excited when my mom would allow me to go with her to fabric shops for some fabrics,ribbons, laces, buttons and beads.

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

She even mentioned that when her mom made wedding gowns, her mom would ask her and her sister to put beads on the gown and pay them P500 ($10.32) for the work. I must say that creativity really ran in the family! When Kay was in college and she started earning from her own crafted beaded accessories like butterfly, dragonfly and spider necklaces, some of her crafts were displayed for consignment at a souvenir shop in Eden Nature Park. She continued making those beaded accessories till she graduated from college and had her first job as a customer service representative where she also enjoyed selling beaded accessories to her officemates. Her crafts even reached Cebu because she was transferred to another branch and worked there for almost five years.

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

Kay also had the opportunity to sell her accessories to some souvenir shops in Bohol like the Bohol Bee Farm Resort when she and her husband went there for a vacation. When they went back to Davao in December 2010, she told her husband that she would like to take a rest and have a good a break before looking for another job. While enjoying her break, Kay searched for things that would make her time more worthwhile.

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

Would you believe she initially searched for the keyword “pottery” on the internet? She had this dream of making her own pots but unfortunately she was not able to look for some resources available in Davao, then she bumped into polymer clays. She discovered that with this material, she could make whatever bead color, style, and charms she wanted using it. So out with the usual selection of seed beads and semi-precious stones from the bead stores, and in with clay! At first it was just a hobby and the love over art and crafts until friends expressed their interest in buying. This is when her brand Bits to Pieces was created last 2011. All the orders kept coming in just by word of mouth and through her Facebook and Instagram account. She then made souvenirs for every occasions and different kind of charms.

Kay also said,  “I love what I do. It’s my passion. It feels like I’m not working at all. The best part of it is being able to spend quality time with my kids at home.” She values quality and customer satisfaction the most. It always gives her joy whenever a customer compliments her work and how her craft made their day more special.

And look at these awesome charms and clips! This angel and Kikki.K Pause charms are perfect for my Kikki.K Pause Planner! I specially love the intricacy of the details though they be but little. Etsy listing of Angel Charm here and the Kikki.K Pause Planner here.

Angel Charm

Kikki.K Pause Planner Charm

I have a thing for moons, honestly and I love color of this clip in person! One clip set consists of one big paper clip moon and two mini paper clip stars while one charm consists of one moon main charm, two stars mini charms. Etsy listing of Moon and Stars set here.

Moon and Stars Set

Since I’m starting to fall in love with watercolor, I think this next set is just a perfect reminder for me to practice more! Palette and paint clip set includes one big palette clip and one small tube clip. Etsy listing here.

Palette and Watercolor Set

And last but not the least, my favorite, favorite fox. I really squealed in delight when I saw this! It’s really cuter in prettier in person! This was previously part of the Fall Set clip!


I can say, upon seeing these items in person, I really am fortunate enough to feature such a creative lady who has a deep love for crafts such as Miss Kay of Bits to Pieces. No wonder a lot of Filipina planner girls are going gaga over her products: they really are beyond beautiful!

You’ll also be happy to know that Bits to Pieces ships worldwide! I’m pretty sure every planner girl would want dibs on these lovely clips and charms!

Bits to Pieces

Want to be featured next? Feel free to send me an e-mail: and let’s talk about it! πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: Bits to Pieces sent charms and clips for review and this feature. All thoughts and opinion are completely mine.
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