TPJ Craftie Pick for September: Essy Tan

September 29, 2016

TPJ Craftie Pick is an avenue for The Paper Junkie to feature fellow planner/journal girls and let readers get to know them better through answering a couple of questions!
Hallooo! The past few weeks have been pretty hectic for me. I’ve been meaning to squeeze in some time for this so I can post it earlier but I still ended up posting late! Boohoo.

Anyway, for this month’s TPJ Craftie Pick, we have someone who’s been really catching attention with her spreads and set-ups. She never fails to make us go all “oooh” and “aah” and “oh, that’s so cuuute!!!” whenever we see her post her set-up. I found out about her while browsing the Explore feature of my Instagram account back in January and I’m pretty sure most of you know her already. TPJ Craftie Pick for September is Essy Tan!

Are you all ready to read Essy’s answers?

  1. Hi Essy! Tell us a few things about yourself.
    • Hi po, Essy here or on Instagram. I’m a crafter Mom of two. A big hoarder of cute stationeries and stuff. As seen on my Instagram account. I love color pastels, pink and mint.
  2. What made you decide to pursue creative planning?
    • Since Grade 5 Elementary I started using Ring Bind Planners, used this as my tracking schedules for homework, quizzes, etc. and I even used this as my wallet before. Since then, it helps me a lot to be organized. I created my craft account to share my hauls, spreads and my DIYs to other planner addicts. Creative Planning is my daily therapy. Keeps me relax after mommy duties. 
  1. What are the benefits of it to you so far?
    • Keeps me update and organize
    • Seeing happy colors, cute stationeries, and more crafts make my day complete
    • Planning makes me relaxed and happy.
    1. Who are your #plannerspirations?
      • Kerri Pouliot of @iheart2plan. I love how she managed to be a mom of four and still have time for planning. I love her style in planning; it feels like home when I see her spreads and set-ups.
      • Christy Tomlinson of @theplannersociety. She’s so smart and creative in designing and iIsuper love her kits. ðŸ˜» Best kit and worth buying every peso.
      • Cynthia Renard of @lovecynthia. First photo I’ve seen from her Instagram account was her famous washi house, next is her lovely workstation in color pink and white. Since then, she’s been my inspiration not only on planners but also in keeping your workstation tidy and comfortable. And I love her doodles and stamps!!! ðŸ˜»
      • Belle Uy of @the_craftroom_project. I met her online through my friend Vanessa (@crafty.papillon). Belle is the artist behind the stickers and kawaii paper clips of @craftypshop. I’m not a big fan of florals or any design with flowers before. But seeing her spreads and artwork on Instagram made me fell in love with floral prints. She’s my number one enabler on subscribing to the TPS Kit. ðŸ˜¹
    1. How many planners/journals do you currently have? (If more than one, please specify what each planner/journal is for and explain how you manage to keep up with it.)
      • Ring Planners in used:
        1. KS Cabaret Pink in Size Personal – my current planner.
        2. KS Rose Gold in Size Personal – to store my prior monthly and weekly spreads plus financial records.
        3. LV Damier Ebene Agenda  in PM – as my wallet for small bags.
        4. Filofax Malden in Ochre size Pocket – as my wallet for big bags.
      • Fauxdoris/TN Planners in used:
        1. Saffinao Gold Pelledori in Personal Size – Sticker Album 
        2. Mint PnJ Fauxdori in Standard Size – Sticker Album
        3. Pink Fauxdori in Standard Size – Sticker Album
        4. Amaridori in Standard Size – Memory Album for Travel and Special Events
        5. Saffiano Rose Gold Pelledori in Standard Size – Memory Album for Baby Sky
      • Happy Planner – loving my HP that I got during #theplanneraffair organized by Ms. Cynthia Renard as my daily memory planner.
    1. How would you define your style in designing your weekly spreads/planner/journal?
      • My style is more on dainty and making sure that colors and designs complement each other.
    1. Top 3: What are your top 3 planner essentials?
      • My Top 3 planner essentials are washis, stickers, and stamps! My spreads are not complete without them.
    2. Top 3: What are the top 3 items in your wishlist?
      • These are my Top 3 wishlist… LV Damier in Azur size MM, Cameo/Curio, and Kingfisher Blue and Fuschia Malden in size Personal. 
    1. For you, what is planner peace? 
      • For me Planner Peace is the planner that you cannot live without. Your most favorite and your go-to planner. Felt this before when I bought my LV Damier Ebene Agenda in size MM last year. I have been using it for months and decided to destash my other planners. Been telling to my planner friends that I had found my planner peace.

        Then! Kate Spade released the Rose Gold Agenda last year! ðŸ™€ Bye bye, Planner Peace ðŸ˜¹ LOL.

    2. If there’s one planner stuff you can’t live without, what would it be?
      • Uhmm… Washi Tapes. Next are stickers and stamps.  
    It’s nice to know the person behind those pretty photos on Instagram, right? I hope you enjoyed reading Essy’s answers!
    Be social with Essy! Instagram / Instagram Shop
    Disclaimer: Planner photos are not mine. They were submitted to me by Essy for posting purposes. I edited the banner image. 

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