TPJ Shop Feature: KeenaPrints

March 26, 2016

TPJ Shop Feature is a monthly blog series wherein I showcase random shops where you can buy stuff for your planner needs!
For this month’s Shop Feature, we have Keena Prints! I’ve been following KeenaPrints for quite some time now but was only able to order from them this month. I actually regret not ordering a LOOOT because when I received my KeenaPrints mail and when I opened it, I can’t help but gush how cute the stickers are!
KeenaPrints is an online sticker shop based in the Philippines owned by Keena Vitor. Her stickers are perfect for Erin Condren, Kikki K, Filofax Planners and Midori Traveler’s notebooks. Not to mention, these are all hand-drawn!
I ordered nine stickers from her based on what I wanted and really needed.

Sparkling Teal Mermaid and Sparkling Pink Mermaid

I got these two mermaids because they were just too cute! I was able to use the Teal mermaid recently in my spread for this week. I intent to use these all up!

Happy Day Keenachi and Keenachi OMG Emoticon

I also got the Happy Day Keenachi for days that really just made me happy and the OMG emoticon for days when something really surprising occurs. 

Me and You Keenachi and Hexagon bubble Gum shades for to-do lists!

Next is the Me and You Keenachi and the hexas for to-do lists. I use the latter both for design and for to-do lists.

Planning or Studying Keenachi and Idea Keenachi

I’m about to use my Planning Keenachi because I regularly do this every week. The Idea Keenachi is for when a thought or a great idea just pops out of my head and I want to take note of it.

Freebies from Keena Prints and Busy Keenachi
I got these cute freebies upon ordering and the Busy Keenachi is for days when I just feel too swamped with everything.
All in all, I love my first batch of purchase from KeenaPrints. I can’t wait to order more from them. I’m even planning to buy the sticker book! It’s no wonder why even planner girls from other parts of the world love ordering stickers from her. I ordered through her site’s Contact form while taking note of the stickers I wanted to order from her Etsy Shop. But now, I believe, you can already order directly from her website. 

Want to be featured next? Feel free to send me an e-mail: and let’s talk about it! 🙂

Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about their shop.
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