PGFTE: My First Planner Meetup

March 14, 2016
When someone from Journal&Planner Enthusiasts Philippines suggested that some planner girls from the east of our place have a planner meet-up, I immediately wanted to be involved. I haven’t been to any planner meet-up before, plus I wanted to meet people who share the same love for paper, planning, and crafts as I have. So Knic, a fellow planner sister, and I tried to set up a thread for this. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it but I prepared myself.
When we tried to collate the responses for the Spreadsheet we shared as a survey, we found out that only three people were sure to go (that was Knic, Sam, and I). Despite that, we still decided to push through with it.
We met at Daiso in Sta. Lucia Mall and spent a few minutes looking for places we can actually have our mini planner party. We ended up in Bo’s Coffee in the same mall. We didn’t have any specific plan on how we’ll go about the meet-up so we just ended up sharing what our planners were, what they were for, and then we immediately proceeded to stamping!
Our mess during the planner meetup.
At first, there were only three of us, Knic, Sam, and I. It did feel a little bit sad though as we thought a lot of planner sisters will be able to attend the meet-up. But I shrugged off that feeling sadness because I was mostly happy that I found people who I can share my love and passion to without any judgment!

At around 4:00 PM, another planner sister, Pau, came! We were stoked to have another sister arrive and we introduced ourselves again. After that, we shared a few planner stuff with each other. Pau gave us samples of the stickers from her shop which I really loved by the way. 

And oh, here is the final planner stack of our mini-meetup! I really loved the outcome and the color combination!

All in all, my first planner meet-up was really, really fun! I got to know these lovely girls and we were able to share a lot of tips and tricks for planning. We immediately bonded after this and stayed in contact. It’s nice to feel that I’m not alone with my intense love for paper, pens, stationery, and planners. We ended calling our group PGFTE (Planner Girls From The East) and we immediately proceeded to planning the next meetup that night! 
How about you? Can you tell me about your first planner meet-up experience? 🙂

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