How I Survived my No Spend February Challenge

March 1, 2016
Last January, I spent more than I should in starting to invest in planning supplies. Feeling guilty because of this, I decided to make February a No Spend month. I created a simple calendar printable in Publisher for February and made an insert out of it. 
At first, I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this challenge successfully. Here’s a quick list of things I did to survive my No Spend February Challenge:
  1. I muted a destash/selling group on Facebook. January 31st, I muted two groups on Facebook. I did this so I won’t feel regretful on embarking on this challenge while seeing “wantable” things. It did actually help but I got tempted to check on both groups once or twice – but I didn’t buy anything!
  2. I dared myself to enter book stores and supplies sections and not buy anything. In other words, I tortured myself. I stood in front of all the paper and pen supplies and tried to examine them. Now, the heartbreaking part was some of the items I checked were really cheap. I realized that if I were to give in and buy them, I would be cheating myself and the challenge I tried to take. Besides, just entering book stores or supplies sections makes me really happy. It was really fulfilling to be able to realize that I can actually control myself.
  3. I took note of the items I wanted to buy and made a list of it. I didn’t actually go on a window shopping spree for this. I have a lot of Facebook friends that are online shops and I just didn’t want to unfollow them. But I didn’t really check out their profiles religiously. So what I did was, whenever I saw an interesting item from a shop or an Instagram account posting about it, I tried to list it down. I did this so I can revisit these items and shops this March and to give myself time to contemplate whether it’s really necessary or not. Guess what? I actually erased a lot of items from that list because I knew it was just out of impulse. This list gave me something to look forward though. 
  4. I asked the shops/people if they can reserve the item(/s) for me until March. The really nice thing about the planner community is that they’ll totally understand you when you tell them you’re on a No Spend Challenge. I was able to reserve items from three shops and they were really kind and supportive.
  5. I made myself busy with other things. Being idle means more time to shop or check out online shops. So instead of focusing on searching for items I can possibly buy, I made myself busy. Tried to draft all blog posts I need, decorate my planner, create my own inserts, talk with my friends, and simply just enjoy life. 
I’ll be on a No Spend Challenge again on April and the fulfillment in finishing last month’s challenge really supercharged me with encouragement. There is no such thing as being unable to control yourself when it comes to paper, pens, and planning stuff. You just really have to set your mind on your goal (on this case, my goal was just to finish the challenge). For April, I have to make a target or prize so that it’ll be more challenging and enjoyable!

How about you? Were you also in a No Spend Challenge last month? How were you able to survive it? 🙂
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