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March 2016

TPJ Shop Feature: KeenaPrints

March 26, 2016

TPJ Shop Feature is a monthly blog series wherein I showcase random shops where you can buy stuff for your planner needs!
For this month’s Shop Feature, we have Keena Prints! I’ve been following KeenaPrints for quite some time now but was only able to order from them this month. I actually regret not ordering a LOOOT because when I received my KeenaPrints mail and when I opened it, I can’t help but gush how cute the stickers are!
KeenaPrints is an online sticker shop based in the Philippines owned by Keena Vitor. Her stickers are perfect for Erin Condren, Kikki K, Filofax Planners and Midori Traveler’s notebooks. Not to mention, these are all hand-drawn!
I ordered nine stickers from her based on what I wanted and really needed.

Sparkling Teal Mermaid and Sparkling Pink Mermaid

I got these two mermaids because they were just too cute! I was able to use the Teal mermaid recently in my spread for this week. I intent to use these all up!

Happy Day Keenachi and Keenachi OMG Emoticon

I also got the Happy Day Keenachi for days that really just made me happy and the OMG emoticon for days when something really surprising occurs. 

Me and You Keenachi and Hexagon bubble Gum shades for to-do lists!

Next is the Me and You Keenachi and the hexas for to-do lists. I use the latter both for design and for to-do lists.

Planning or Studying Keenachi and Idea Keenachi

I’m about to use my Planning Keenachi because I regularly do this every week. The Idea Keenachi is for when a thought or a great idea just pops out of my head and I want to take note of it.

Freebies from Keena Prints and Busy Keenachi
I got these cute freebies upon ordering and the Busy Keenachi is for days when I just feel too swamped with everything.
All in all, I love my first batch of purchase from KeenaPrints. I can’t wait to order more from them. I’m even planning to buy the sticker book! It’s no wonder why even planner girls from other parts of the world love ordering stickers from her. I ordered through her site’s Contact form while taking note of the stickers I wanted to order from her Etsy Shop. But now, I believe, you can already order directly from her website. 

Want to be featured next? Feel free to send me an e-mail: and let’s talk about it! 🙂

Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about their shop.

TPJ Reviews: Planners n Journals’ February Kit

March 25, 2016
Planners and Journals was a shop I’ve been watching out for since the last part of last year. I was so amused about the idea of their planner kits and saw how amazing it all looked like in their photos. Back then I didn’t have any ringed planners so I wasn’t able to get at least one kit for myself.
When I got the chance to order this year, I grabbed it. So I got their February Kit and like a little girl, I really got all giddy when the package from them arrived. And boy was I really excited that the kit’s theme was CUPCAKES! I love love love cupcakes!
Let’s take a look at what was included in the kit, shall we?
Cupcake Eraser
Up until now, I actually haven’t opened this. I don’t really use pencils nowadays but I’m going to save this up for when I need it. 

Bejeweled Pen
I’m starting to love bejeweled pens lately. This cute pen is a fine addition to my growing collection. I already have a blue and gold one which I bought from a Korean store in Farmer’s, Cubao. For the week that I used the PnJ February Kit for my spread, I actually used this pen.
It’s my first time to have a decotape. I’ve been hoarding some washi tapes, stickers, and stamps, but don’t regularly see a decotape so I got really stoked when I saw this in the kit. I immediately tested it when I got it and I loved the cute design!

The inserts were really pretty! It came with notes and undated WO2P inserts but when I tried them on Phasma, they were quite big. So I haven’t had the chance to really use them yet. I already used a bit from the notes section to practice my brush lettering recently.

Cupcake Ephemeras

I loved the little cupcake ephemeras. I was able to use them on my spread and on the dividers I made for Padme.  All the cupcakes were designed in a different way and they were all so cute!
Cupcake Cookies
The cookies actually tasted good! I was actually contemplating whether or not I should eat because both of them looked so cute but I still gave in. LOL.

Clear Stamp

If I’m not mistaken, the clear stamp included for the kit is a Heidi Swapp Always clear stamp. I was really happy I got to add this in my clear stamps collection. I also used them for my spread and still use them every now and then for DIY projects I make for myself.

The cardstocks included in the kit were what I used to design the dividers of my Padme (I’ll be writing a post later on about that). It was amazing to use them to make dividers for a pocket planner because I was able to really utilize it!

World of Fraffee Stickers
These World Of Fraffee stickers were a perfect match for the kit! I certainly loved the hexas and all the cupcake thing going on. Although the page flag stickers were a bit big for my inserts, I was still able to use ’em! I also love the border stickers that were included since I was able to use them as a substitute for washi tapes!

So how was I able to use all of these to design my weekly spread? Well, voila!

Interested in subscribing for Planners and Journals’ Kits? Here’s the Price List:

Trial (1 month)
Personal, Pocket, o Passport Size – P650
A5 or Standard Size – P700

3 Month Subscription
Personal, Pocket, o Passport Size – P1850
A5 or Standard Size – P2000
6 Months Subscription
Personal, Pocket, o Passport Size – P3600
A5 or Standard Size – P3900

Price list above does not include the shipping fee yet. It is advisable though that for people to subscribe for 3 or 6 months to ensure that they will receive a kit as they only make a certain amount of kits per month.
Planners and Journals
Facebook / Instagram

Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about this kit.

PGFTE: My First Planner Meetup

March 14, 2016
When someone from Journal&Planner Enthusiasts Philippines suggested that some planner girls from the east of our place have a planner meet-up, I immediately wanted to be involved. I haven’t been to any planner meet-up before, plus I wanted to meet people who share the same love for paper, planning, and crafts as I have. So Knic, a fellow planner sister, and I tried to set up a thread for this. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it but I prepared myself.
When we tried to collate the responses for the Spreadsheet we shared as a survey, we found out that only three people were sure to go (that was Knic, Sam, and I). Despite that, we still decided to push through with it.
We met at Daiso in Sta. Lucia Mall and spent a few minutes looking for places we can actually have our mini planner party. We ended up in Bo’s Coffee in the same mall. We didn’t have any specific plan on how we’ll go about the meet-up so we just ended up sharing what our planners were, what they were for, and then we immediately proceeded to stamping!
Our mess during the planner meetup.
At first, there were only three of us, Knic, Sam, and I. It did feel a little bit sad though as we thought a lot of planner sisters will be able to attend the meet-up. But I shrugged off that feeling sadness because I was mostly happy that I found people who I can share my love and passion to without any judgment!

At around 4:00 PM, another planner sister, Pau, came! We were stoked to have another sister arrive and we introduced ourselves again. After that, we shared a few planner stuff with each other. Pau gave us samples of the stickers from her shop which I really loved by the way. 

And oh, here is the final planner stack of our mini-meetup! I really loved the outcome and the color combination!

All in all, my first planner meet-up was really, really fun! I got to know these lovely girls and we were able to share a lot of tips and tricks for planning. We immediately bonded after this and stayed in contact. It’s nice to feel that I’m not alone with my intense love for paper, pens, stationery, and planners. We ended calling our group PGFTE (Planner Girls From The East) and we immediately proceeded to planning the next meetup that night! 
How about you? Can you tell me about your first planner meet-up experience? 🙂

TPJ Reviews: Planner Lookbook Kit

March 7, 2016
I love how the planner groups I’m in give me the chance to get to know more local sellers. I’m not really creative and artsy but seeing planner kits for sale on Instagram or Facebook groups, they ignite a fire within me to create something beautiful because let’s face it, all these sellers create beautiful items and kits!
Now last month, I purchased the first item off of Planner Lookbook by Empress Rome and I just loved how it matched my Phasma! I’m not really a fan of girly stuff and glittered things but this, my dearies, this is a total exception!
The things that were included in the kit were:
  • 1 dashboard
  • 1 Audrey Hepburn paperclip
  • 1 set page flags
  • 2 ephemeras
  • 1 pre-cut sticker sheet
I also received a lot of cute freebies when I ordered. I gave a bunch of page flags to three of my planner sisters during our first planner meet-up. I didn’t mind sharing them because they were just so cute that I wanted to share it with them. I already saw Empress Rome’s cute Disney Princesses paper clips before and they just ran out so fast plus I was a newbie back then so I didn’t really know what I wanted and needed.
So what did I do with my Planner Lookbook kit? Tadaaah! Audrey looking mighty fine with my spread!
I bought this Tiffany & Co. Inspired Planner Lookbook Kit for P380. Did I get what I paid for? Yes. Will I order once they release a new kit? Totally! Plus, the transaction was really smooth and Ms. Empress is really kind!
Planner Lookbook

Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about their shop and their products.

How I Survived my No Spend February Challenge

March 1, 2016
Last January, I spent more than I should in starting to invest in planning supplies. Feeling guilty because of this, I decided to make February a No Spend month. I created a simple calendar printable in Publisher for February and made an insert out of it. 
At first, I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this challenge successfully. Here’s a quick list of things I did to survive my No Spend February Challenge:
  1. I muted a destash/selling group on Facebook. January 31st, I muted two groups on Facebook. I did this so I won’t feel regretful on embarking on this challenge while seeing “wantable” things. It did actually help but I got tempted to check on both groups once or twice – but I didn’t buy anything!
  2. I dared myself to enter book stores and supplies sections and not buy anything. In other words, I tortured myself. I stood in front of all the paper and pen supplies and tried to examine them. Now, the heartbreaking part was some of the items I checked were really cheap. I realized that if I were to give in and buy them, I would be cheating myself and the challenge I tried to take. Besides, just entering book stores or supplies sections makes me really happy. It was really fulfilling to be able to realize that I can actually control myself.
  3. I took note of the items I wanted to buy and made a list of it. I didn’t actually go on a window shopping spree for this. I have a lot of Facebook friends that are online shops and I just didn’t want to unfollow them. But I didn’t really check out their profiles religiously. So what I did was, whenever I saw an interesting item from a shop or an Instagram account posting about it, I tried to list it down. I did this so I can revisit these items and shops this March and to give myself time to contemplate whether it’s really necessary or not. Guess what? I actually erased a lot of items from that list because I knew it was just out of impulse. This list gave me something to look forward though. 
  4. I asked the shops/people if they can reserve the item(/s) for me until March. The really nice thing about the planner community is that they’ll totally understand you when you tell them you’re on a No Spend Challenge. I was able to reserve items from three shops and they were really kind and supportive.
  5. I made myself busy with other things. Being idle means more time to shop or check out online shops. So instead of focusing on searching for items I can possibly buy, I made myself busy. Tried to draft all blog posts I need, decorate my planner, create my own inserts, talk with my friends, and simply just enjoy life. 
I’ll be on a No Spend Challenge again on April and the fulfillment in finishing last month’s challenge really supercharged me with encouragement. There is no such thing as being unable to control yourself when it comes to paper, pens, and planning stuff. You just really have to set your mind on your goal (on this case, my goal was just to finish the challenge). For April, I have to make a target or prize so that it’ll be more challenging and enjoyable!

How about you? Were you also in a No Spend Challenge last month? How were you able to survive it? 🙂