TPJ Shop Feature: Filofax Domino

February 25, 2016

Welcome to my first ever shop feature! I’m planning to make it as a monthly segment for me to feature shops that you can visit for your planner needs! For this month, I’d love to talk to you about Filofax Domino (or commonly known as @chrisella09 on IG).

When I bought my first planner, I already got paranoid how I can keep it safe from dirt as I carry it around wherever I want to. Let’s face it, a lady’s bag contains a lot of things that may actually “cause harm” to our beloved planners. To be honest, I have actually forgotten (already!!! gosh, I’m old) how I came by her shop. But I believe it was either when someone posted they bought planner pouches from her or when I followed a thread talking about where to buy planner pouches. And I’m thankful I was led her way.

Before, I actually used my Louis Vuitton dust bag to protect my Phasma but it was such a hassle for me since I had to fold the sides of it for it to fit in my bag. So you can only imagine the relief I felt when I got these!

I actually ordered five items from her: two planner pouches (one pocket size, one personal size), two  zipped purses (pocket size), and one planner pocket (personal size).

For Padme’s planner pouch, I love that it fits perfectly even with a bit of allowance. So when she’s extra chunky, she can still fit in it. I actually chose it and the purses to be in gold polka dots just to go with the color of my Padme.

The main purpose why I bought these lovely zipped purses is because my Padme is something that I want to use as a wallet. Now, unlike other Filofax products with zippers on the top, a Filofax Saffiano has none so you to have improvise. 
For my personal size Phasma, I chose a different design. I was actually planning to buy a fabric design same as her color but I just didn’t fancy other designs aside from this. It’s mint green (I think lol) with little flowers all over it. Miss Chris Ella asked me what brand my personal planner because a Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner is slightly longer than others.
I also got this pocket for random things I want to insert (currently, that’s my payslip and a random list I created). This helps me a lot in putting all those random things I want to insert in my planner to be in one place. I once lost an important sheet of paper because I just inserted it in here somewhere.

I ordered all these last January 21 and they arrived last February 3. Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing to complain about because first of all, what she’s doing is no joke. Imagine sewing all the pouches, purses, and pockets that a LOT of people order from her? Plus, aside from the pouches, she also sells cardstocks, stickers, dividers, and inserts.

I’m really satisfied with my orders from her and I highly recommend her to any planner girl who’d love to purchase their own!

Filofax Domino
Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I purchased from them and this post reflects my personal opinion and views about their shop.
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